Habit Tracker

The best app for tracking your Habits

Habit Tracker is an app for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch that helps you build your habits and achieve your goals.

Interactive Widgets to update your Habits

Habit Tracker includes support for the latest Interactive Widgets. Update your habit progress from the Home-screen and check statistics without having to open the app.

A synchronized list of Habits and Statistics

Whether you create an Habit on your iPad or insert a progress on your iPhone or Mac, they’ll be synced across all devices, automatically.

You just need to enable iCloud. The app takes care of the rest. You don’t even have to create an account.

Beautiful and useful graphs and statistics

At any time you can see statistics on your habits to understand how to improve and carry out your goals.

Find the right motivation to move forward

There may be times when you have little incentive to carry on your habits. That’s why Habit Tracker will offer daily motivational phrases to inspire you to achieve your goals.

Customise your Habits

As much as you create a new habit, you can customize it to make it more attractive. Select the icon, color, frequency of execution, and why you want to carry it forward.

iCloud sync

Your habits and progress are automatically synced on all your devices connected to the same Apple ID via iCloud. No app registration is required. You have to enable both iCloud and iCloud Drive.


Habit Tracker doesn’t collect any of your personal data and doesn’t track you in any way. Track your habits should be fun, not another reason to worry about your data privacy.